Dieses Jahr wird alles anders!

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Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011


Er hat mich verlassen. Ich bin zu fett!!! Das reicht. Ich will nie wieder essen. Dünn sein. Dünn genug

A new year is coming...

... and now I'm gonna start. Last Resort. 105 lbs and I'm underweight. Stay Strong - Think Thin. Need some grant (though I assume to be able to develop this on my own). Sorry for my Wrenglish. I'm from Germany.. ^_^

It sounds dumb, but I... do already know how I'll feel when I'm thin. Confident. Free. Jaunty. Wear whatever you want in spite of looking great in it.

I want to be frail and, well, not because of my mind. This time I'll proof my mind by getting thin-frail. Beautyful and perfect. And I know I can.

A new year is coming and I'll change it all. To make them see how perfect I can be.

I WILL BE PERFECT. And that makes me happy in advance <3

SS - TT, Starve On, Amy